Selfcare, self-worth and self-love is a powerful foundation for this world to be built on. When we stepup and consciously decide to change our own physiology by shifting our ways of thinking we don’t only heal ourselves, but we heal up to 7 generations to follow. Fucking SEVEN GENERATIONS TO FOLLOW……!

This is why each and every one of us NEEDS to step up and start playing at this game of life at a higher fucking level.

So how the fk do we do that?

You work with me, you invest in yourself and you TRUST that there is more for you and you go grab it with both hands, jump in and say I’m ready Jess. Or alternatively go an find another kick-ass, no bullshit, shape shifting, game changing coach like me. The point is, this world need to start raising to a higher level of vibrations and it starts with each of us doing our own internal work.

Toot toot, yep that was me tooting my own damn horn because I love what I do, I work very fucking hard in my craft and I am mission driven to be a woman responsible for a ripple effect that means more children in this world have parents handing that baton down with grace and conviction. Instead of handing down baggage, habits and traits we don’t want to carry… You are hearing me right?

I coach women on how to reach their full kick-ass potential through an array of offerings. You either start with my online modules which have been known to CHANGE LIVES… toot toot! Alternatively fall in deep and attend one of my personal development retreats where you get to connect with other epics humans, eat incredible food, experience some deep shifts in your belief systems and build you self-worth and vision for the future to a new level. Add on top of this staying  at an epic location, daily meditation, yoga practice, sunrise ocean swims, vino and so much more… You in?

Even better, next level, PLAY FULL OUT mode… decide to believe that you are worth way more than that and have me on speed dial for the next 6-12 months. That means next level accountability coaching, not for the faint hearted, but I will lovingly kick your ass and help you change your life and transform your business, career, relationships and selflove to the next level.

I know people love my approach because I speak from experience and raw honesty instead of text books. I’m up front and honest, real and vulnerable. I don’t fuck around, I’m far from perfect and I don’t aim to be. I give you my all and that’s hard to find these days in the coaching and mentoring space.

My podcast, The Abundance Hub (find it on apple podcasts and Spotify) is a verbal diary of my experiences wrapped up alongside free coaching and learning tools. I swear a lot but you guys seem to fucking like it and just recently it hit number 11 in the self improvement category for Australia and I’m very f*%king proud of this too. None of it is scripted, I wing it and be real, that’s it.

I coach women to move fast towards their full potential. My only question to you is “Are you next?”

They say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life, but I believe that when you know what true fulfilment in your work looks like you will work harder than anyone you know.

There is no rest for those who are driven and wildly inspired.


Right now we live in a world where we have access to a lot of free and very affordable information, podcasts, audio books, online seminars etc. Information that can be absolutely powerful and life changing if we know what to do with it. The issues however is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has a set of un-examined issues, unhealed trauma, trigger points and unbalanced perceptions of what is going on around us. Un-examined and un-treated, these issues and traumas lead to unconscious living.

The key is seeing obstacles and challenges as your greatest gifts but handling these things gracefully and with clarity is often extremely difficult for people. Having someone on your side and ready to uncover some truths for you whilst also holding space for you to grow and evolve at a safe and steady pace is something that is priceless in your own human development journey.

We have to stop waiting for the world to deliver abundance to us and start creating it right now by looking at yourself honestly. And looking at yourself 100% honestly is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but the ONLY way forward if you desire an epic fucking life full of abundance. Because let’s face it…. maybe it is YOU that’s the issue?


At times partners can have strong opinions and beliefs when it comes to the women in their life wanting to grow and develop. The truth however is that if we are going on a path FOR OURSELVES then it is important to be clear with your significant other about a few things.

• Coaching is NOT about us pointing fingers or blaming others.

• Effective and high-level coaching IS about helping you to take 100% personal responsibility. At no time is it going to be about your partner doing work if you are the one being coached.

• Having the support of your partner is great but the truth is, you need to be ok with making large life changing decisions regardless of what others around you
think. It is however very important that you take time to understand where your partner is feeling with you on a journey of growth and personal discovery.

• It can be useful to ask your partner if there is anything that’s worrying them about what you want to do (just so you know this is totally normal feelings to have)

– Is this some sort of a cult thing you’re doing?
– I’m sure this coach is going to tell you I’m the problem.
– You’ve tried so much in the past, what makes this different?
– I don’t want you thinking you’re some expert once you come back from this retreat.
– What if the coach tells you to leave me?
– Let’s hope this finally fixes you.
– Are you sure this person knows what she is doing?
– I’m worried you’re going to outgrow me.
– This seems like a lot of money, how do you know if it will work or not?
– Can’t you just learn this stuff for free on YouTube?
– You’re not really that messed up, why spend all this money?

Another important point when understanding what I do as a coach, specifically when it comes to coaching people who are looking for business coaching. All the tools can be taught to someone, how to use social media, set up business plans, create long term vision, strategize, forward plan, delegate, hire staff, manage finances BUT without mindset coaching done in alignment with the business coaching it is my belief that you won’t be able to achieve what you desire in your business growth. Mindset coaching is VITAL when growing business and wealth.


So this is me! I’m a kick-ass, zero bull shit mindset coach who works only with women who are completely ready to step into their full potential using core rocking techniques that mean when you’ve worked with me things will never be the same and only in the best fucking was possible I assure you.

Working with a range of incredibly powerful and brave women worldwide from social media influencers who struggle with fame, stay at home Mumma’s struggling with nappies and tantrums and business owners looking to create legacy and impact driven business vs soul sucking ones. I diversify because there really is no stage in life when growth isn’t possible and absolutely essential.

I am inspired to keep pushing my own boundaries to show you that anything is possible if you’re willing to push your boundaries and get really uncomfortable.

You absolutely can’t grow without getting itchy!

In the time that I’ve been working with women as a mindset coach I has created a thriving and abundant business using the power of social media, mixed in with a hefty splash of vulnerability and honesty my coaching diary is often full and my online education system is reaching and rocking the boats of women all around the world.

Knowing the value this holds and the lives that are being changed means I have created a fierce, female driven business that supports my goals of living in alignment with her top values of freedom to choose, fun in every moment, deep connection, rocking family values and growth and adventurous travel as often as I can.

Living as a role-model for what other women can create for themselves is an absolutely vital part of my success and my impact continues to spread to the women that need it the most.

Reliability and vulnerability are two of my biggest strengths. Although my story isn’t one that involves huge trauma and adversity, I feel like so many women struggle with feeling happy, powerful, driven, confident and capable for no reason.

Maybe you are looking for good reason to be fucked up when the truth is the only reason you feel that way is because you are hiding! Hiding in your relationships both with yourself and those around you.

Your only responsibility is to yourself. PERIOD! Honour your higher energy, ALWAYS. Tap into your truth, EVERY GOD DAMN DAY! Have people meet you at your level , DO NOT STOOP TO THEIRS.

Over and out babe… lets chat when you’re ready to level up! Mmmmwahhhhhh!